Some little girls wonder what it would be like to be a princess, some little girls dreams of twirling around in a giant tutu, and some little girls sit and wonder what it would be like to be a real ballerina.

Your child is CAPABLE of AMAZING things…

Let our staff help your child embark on their journey with dance and watch them flourish before your eyes. 

At West Coast Dance Conservatory our students become a part of our family and we love getting to watch our students grow from their very first class to elegant young dancers at WCDC. 

MORE... WHAT IF YOU FALL? but oh my darling WHAT IF

Director: Angela Holmes

Angela Holmes has been teaching dance and performing professionally for over fifteen years. Her award winning choreography has been recognized nationally. Angela’s love of dance started at a young age when she started taking class at the age of 5.  Continuing her training through childhood, she was accepted to the prestigious High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston, Texas and awarded a scholarship to train at the University of Arizona School of Dance. Click here to read more...


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