Spring Performance

Spring Performance in San Mateo at Bayside Performing Arts Center


Dance Classes for kids


Spring Performance Fee – Due December 1, 2017
The “Spring Performance Fee” includes the costume and a pair of tights. We spend many hours determining the correct costumes for each class. Costumes are always age-appropriate and of the highest quality possible, while keeping costs affordable. Please be aware that costumes are ordered from catalogues and are not custom-made. We do our best to insure students receive the best available fit for their measurements. All Combination classes will need only one costume; all other students will need one costume (i.e. “costume fee”) for each class they train in. Please remember to write the student’s name in all costumes, shoes, accessories and tights. No eating or drinking in costumes. The Spring Performance Fee is also used to pay for the venue, the production company, music, special effects, lighting, programs, insurance and staff.

Costumes will not be ordered until all pertinent forms and fees are received by the office.

These include:

Performance R.S.V.P. Form (Must return regardless of participation.) – Due: October 16, 2017
Spring Performance Fees – Due: December 1, 2017

Parents or guardians accept full responsibility for all expenses, including surcharges and postage for costumes that are ordered late. Studios are not responsible for costumes that are not received in time for the performance due to late payments. Costume manufacturers do not accept cancellations or offer refunds; therefore, the studio does not refund any Spring Performance Fees.

Withdrawal From West Coast Dance Conservatory
There are no refunds of spring performance fees. Withdrawal of a student must be done in writing. Parents or guardians of withdrawn students may pick up purchased costumes at the studio at the time of general distribution. After 15 days, the costumes will be donated to charity.


The success of the performance depends on how smoothly the backstage runs. “Backstage Angels” (class mothers) are needed for each class to make sure students are safe, dressed properly for their performance and entertained while waiting to go onstage. They are responsible for escorting students to and from the stage and seeing that all children return to their appointed dressing room after the performance. The number of volunteers needed for each class is determined by the number of students. If there are too many volunteers for one class, some may be asked to work with children from another class.

Being a “Backstage Angel” is a special and magical experience for both the children and the parents. This is a privilege reserved only for those that volunteer to be “Backstage Angels”. After the performances, “Backstage Angels” must remain with the dancers until every student has been picked up by his/her parent.

“Backstage Angels” will be able to order recital tickets for their friends and families before they go on sale to the public on April 30, 2018.

The “Backstage Angels” meeting will be on Saturday, April 28, 2018 at 2:45 pm

Please respond by checking the box on the Performance R.S.V.P Form.


Performance Updates
As the season progresses, additional performance information or updates will be posted on the studio website, www.westcoastdanceconservatory.com and also sent via emails. Make it your responsibility to keep yourself up to date with important information. It is our goal to make the performance experience organized and exciting for all involved. It is a team effort; students, parents, instructors, and the director are key players in the success of the show.

Home Study
To insure students feel confident about their performance, we ask parents and guardians to encourage them to rehearse their recital choreography on a regular basis. A copy of your child’s music will be available by request in February. A charge of $3.00 per CD is required to cover expenses. You may order your CD by sending us an email and we will add the charge to your online account.


Costume measuring will be done during scheduled class time. Each student will be measured in order to determine his or her costume size(s). When measuring each child, we take extra precautions to determine the correct size and add space for “growing room” when appropriate. Although rare, if alterations are needed after the costumes have been distributed, they will be the sole responsibility of the student’s parent or guardian.

Costume Distribution
Costumes will be distributed the week of April 30, 2018.
All outstanding balances for the season, including tuition, must be paid in full to receive costumes. Costumes not in at this time will be handed out on arrival. Label every item with child’s name.

Parents & Dancers are responsible for the appropriate footwear:

Creative Movement: Girls: Pink Ballet Shoes; Boys: Black Ballet Shoes
Hip Hop & Tumble 3 to 4 Year Old: Barefoot
3 to 4 Year Old: Girls: Pink Ballet Shoes; Boys: Black Ballet Shoes
4 to 5 Year Old Combo Classes: Girls: Black Buckle Strap Tap Shoes (no patent leather);
Boys: Black Oxford (lace-up) tap shoe
5 to 7 Year Old Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo Classes: Girls: Black Buckle Strap Tap Shoes (no patent leather);
Boys: Black Oxford (lace-up) tap shoe
Pre Tap & Jazz Combo: Girls: Tan Jazz Shoes; Boys: Black Jazz Shoes
Pre Lyrical: Dance Paws
Ballet: Girls: Pink Ballet Shoes; Boys: Black Ballet Shoes
Jazz: Girls: Tan Jazz Shoes; Boys: Black Jazz Shoes
Lyrical/Contemporary: Pirouttes
Hip Hop: Hip Hop Shoes
Tap I, II/III, IV: Black Oxford (lace-up) Tap Shoes

Hair and Makeup/ Pre-Planning
All female students are required to wear makeup: red lipstick, blush, mascara and eye shadow (not blue). Boys are not required to wear makeup. Uniform hairstyles are required in a ballet bun to create a clean line for the dancer. All female ballet students must wear their hair in a bun. No bangs are allowed. No personal hair decorations are allowed. Dancers with short hair must pull their hair away from the face and slick it down with hair gel. In preparation for the Spring Performance, gather all costumes, accessories, shoes and makeup so that you have sufficient time to find or replace items. We recommend an extra pair of tights. Place small items in a ziploc with your child’s name on the outside.


May 11-13, 2018 – Times TBA
Pictures will be taken at West Coast Dance Conservatory on May 11-13, 2018.  Students will have the opportunity to take group and individual photos at a scheduled time. Dancers must arrive in complete costume (tights, costume, hair, and make-up). If dancer is late for the group photo, the photographer will not be able to wait. Please arrive early and ready.  The picture day schedule will be sent out via email at a later date.


Class Time
In some cases, individual students and possibly entire “classes” may be asked to temporarily attend a class time other than their own to rehearse a specific part. Notices and emails will be sent out well in advance.

Dress Rehearsal – June 8-9, 2018 – Times TBA
Dress rehearsal participation is mandatory and will be held at Bayside Performing Arts Center, 22025 Kehoe Ave, San Mateo. Dress rehearsal allows the student to become familiar with the theatre surroundings and feel comfortable with their performance, costume(s), and being onstage. Lighting, music cues, set changes, and all other logistics for an organized and professional performance are rehearsed so that students feel confident when they go on stage. We run an organized and timely dress rehearsal. Your help with the process will guarantee a professional production. Please arrive on time, locate the assigned areas for your class, and be seated in the theatre. All dancers should be accompanied by an adult.

Please arrive with dancer in costume. Dates and times for each class will be updated on the website and also through email and notes sent home. Dancers in multiple routines will have access to a changing area in between their dances. Dancers will be called to the stage by the studio staff, practice onstage, and then wait to be dismissed after returning to their seats.

Siblings: We discourage the attendance of siblings during the rehearsal process, as it creates noise and distraction that slows down the rehearsal process and delays our schedule.

Video and photography are only allowed during dress rehearsal not during the performance. This includes cell phone recordings. Flash photography and unexpected lights are dangerous to the performers and distracting to the audience. We ask that all parents respect proper theatre etiquette by setting a good example for their children.


June 9-10, 2018 – Times TBA

Dancers must arrive at the theatre 30 minutes before curtain at Bayside Performing Arts Center, 22025 Kehoe Ave, San Mateo. Creative Movement, Combination Classes and Pre-Ballet need to be completely ready for stage when they arrive at the theatre. One parent or guardian may accompany each student to the check in area where they will placed under the supervision of their “Backstage Angels”. Further instruction about designated drop off and pick up will be given out at a later date. NO MEN ALLOWED IN THE DRESSING ROOMS.

Tickets will go on sale in May 1, 2018.


Backstage Rules
Students must respect other students’ space and property in the dressing rooms. Dancers will spend more time in the dressing rooms than onstage or in the theatre, so please do your best to keep them organized and clean. No eating or drinking is allowed in the theatre. Dancers will remain with “Backstage Angels” when they are not onstage. “Backstage Angels” must remain in the checkout area until each dancer has been picked up by their parent.

Family members and friends will not be allowed backstage or in the dressing rooms during rehearsals or the performance. There is a lot of backstage activity in a limited space, and dressing rooms are a private area. Please remind family and guests to be respectful of those areas. Those who wish to greet a performer or give flowers, should do so after the show.

Video and photography are NOT allowed during the performance. This includes cell phone recordings. Flash photography and unexpected lights are dangerous to the performers and distracting to the audience. We ask that all parents respect proper theatre etiquette and set a good example for your children.

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