How to Prepare for your First Dance Class?

How to prepare for your first dance class at West Coast Dance Conservatory in Millbrae, CA?

Ballet Classes for kids in San Bruno

Now that you have officially signed up for dance class, you will need to make sure you have all your child’s dance necessities for their first day of dance school. Do you know where the dance studio is located? Do they need ballet and/or tap shoes? Make sure to double check your dance studio’s website, as they should have a dress code. With research, you may have already learned that some dance schools can be strict in regards to dress code. Not all dance schools have the same dress code nor are all class levels the same. For example, at West Coast Dance Conservatory, 3 to 4 year old Combo Classes require both ballet and tap shoes and any color leotard with tights. Ask the dance studio where the best place to purchase dance shoes and dance attire.

Don’t forget to label all of your dance essentials.  Label every item with dancer’s full name, as initials will not suffice! You will be surprised to learn how many times you may run out of the studio and forget something: tap shoes, ballet shoes, dance bag or water bottle. The dance studio cannot let you know you left something behind, unless it is labeled.

  • We are so close to being fully prepared, but we have a few more tips to share with you.
    Make it a priority to arrive 10 minutes early to your first dance class. By doing so your child will have more time to adapt to their new dance studio.
  • Young children may become a little nervous about trying something new. Explain your expectations to your child such as following directions, following dance instruction, being a good listener and being courteous to the other children in dance class.
  • Some children will jump right into their dance class without any hesitation. If your child does not, do not be alarmed. Some children need more time to adjust to their new setting; they might stand back and observe the new environment. If your child is hesitant to enter class, allow your child to observe and adjust.
  • Don’t set your expectations too high for your tiny dancer.  They need time to learn what is expected from them and become comfortable with their dance class.  Give them a month or two and you will be pleasantly surprised what these little dancers can do.

With preparation, your first dance classes will go well. We wish you the best of luck in your dance journey and we hope you this blog helped you feel prepared.

~Angela Holmes