Important Life Lessons a Dancer Learns from their Dance Teacher

Important Life Lessons a Dancer Learns from their Dance Teacher at West Coast Dance Conservatory in Millbrae, CA!


Dance teachers not only teach dance to their dancers but also pass down important life lessons. During class, dancers will acquire knowledge they will use for the rest of their life.
In addition to learning dance at West Coast Dance Conservatory, we believe it is utterly important to guide dancers to a positive life. At our dance school, all dance instructors strive to create a positive atmosphere so that dancers are comfortable and enjoy their dance journey.

Discipline:  Dancers require discipline to meet the standards of dance. While in class, dancers develop discipline over their body and acquire critical thinking skills. Students must also comprehend and accept that becoming a dancer requires feedback from their teacher. In addition, class attire is another form of discipline. The dancer’s attire, for their designated dance class, contributes to professionalism and the class atmosphere. For example, ballet dancers traditionally wear pale pink tights and pale pink ballet shoes. Lastly, another area of discipline is class behavior. While in class, dancers are expected to remain quiet when the teacher gives instructions for combinations, or offers a correction

Confidence:  While in dance class, dancers will learn techniques and dance routines. They will gradually become accustomed to presenting themselves in front of a few people and eventually an audience.  In dance class, dancers are expected to present a positive image at all times.
Respect: Dance instructors expect dancers to be respectful and courteous to others at all times.

Structure:  Dance offers a structured environment for your child to learn and thrive.  If you have ever taken a ballet class, you know exactly what to expect in class. For example, a ballet class will always begin at the ballet barre.  Ballet barre is the place where dancers build a solid foundation, for their center work. The structure of a class offers dancers a consistent environment where they will see their continuous progress. As dancers become older, and dance steps become more complex, they build body awareness and maturity.

Time management:  What do you mean? How can dance teach time management?  Allow us to tell you: dancers spend countless of hours at a dance studio refining their craft, therefore they also learn to balance school and social activities. Imagine: If you learned to manage your time as a teenager, how easy adulthood could have been!

~Angela Holmes